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Marie Chain

Band (R'n'B/Soul/Black) from Berlin (Germany), founded 2011

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Marie Chain - vocals, piano
Vladimir Spiridonov - guitar
Gonzalo Pinan De Mingo - bass
Tim Lehnert - drums
Lisa Buchholz - trumpet
Inka Ebert - Saxophon
Fernanda Guinea - background vocals


Marie Chain is a Berlin based german singer, pianist and composer with american roots.
Marie´s biggest inspirations are the Soul, Blues and Jazz musicians of the 50´s and 60´s.
The formally educated musician composes here own songs in English.
As a young girl she left her home to discover the great wide world.
She lived a few years in Barcelona before she settled in Berlin. Her music has taken her through Europe and North Africa.
“I´m always on the move and tell my stories through my music”.
Her strong voice and virtuoso piano playing features Soul, Funk and Pop songs performed by her and a six piece band.
Marie and the band recorded their debut EP "All We´ve Got" in London together with music producer Charles "Chicky" Reeves who has already worked with artists like Ray Charles, James Brown, Prince and The Rolling Stones, released in November 2016.
Right now the band is planning a tour and festival tour for 2017. The debut record is selling quickly and got already the attention by radio stations.
The goal for 2017 is to reach even more people with their music, to spread the word and start recording a full album.