We found our superheroes!!

After more than twelve weeks in search for our legends, 746 applicants from 35 countries have submitted countless hours of awesome music! Members of the Montreux Jazz Festival, the band Blossoms and Shure have carefully assessed the performance of each of the shortlisted bands. We now proudly present the winners of the Shure Call for Legends – Live band contest 2016:

1st place


Founded in 2013, the bands sound is based on funk, mainly influenced by 90' hip hop and neo-soul.

Now Julien, Noé, Alvin, Pierre, Dorris, Pierre-Antoine, Théodore and Nicolas get the chance to play a live gig at the famous Montreux Jazz Festival - plus a professional video recording of their performance and Shure gear worth 5.000€!



Julien Anglade (chant)
Noé Hourant (guitare)
Alvin Amaïzo (guitare)
Pierre Sanges (basse)
Dorris Biayenda (batterie)
Pierre-Antoine Sylvestre (trombone)
Théodore Lagrange (Saxophone)
Nicolas Fernandes (Trompette)


Ils disent que leur musique est un "précipité" à base de Funk grandement influencée par le Hip-Hop des années 90 et la Néo-Soul. Leur EP."Dreams & Nightmare" reflète parfaitement ces deux courants, Francis Viel (le Mouv) : "cet exercice est souvent raté. Pas là !"

C’est au sein du Groove que les Lehmanns Brothers désirent transmettre leur palette musicale. Leur mélodie et ses accords « Jazzy » soutenus par un écho Hip-Hop a connu la scène à de nombreuses reprises, précédant même des maîtres en la matière, deux musiciens de l’immense James Brown en la personne de Maceo Parker et de Fred Wesley. Leur E.P est un flux de promesses, maîtrise, sensibilité, maturité ralliées à une énergie qui fait leur particularité durant leurs prestations. Un rythme explosif, une signature vocale paraphée par des cuivres électriques, les Lehmanns Brothers, c’est un emprunt au temple de la révolution musicale qu’a été la naissance du Jazz et de la Funk crédité par une modernité sensible aux accents actuels, du Rap jusqu’aux teintes de la Neo-Soul. Au gré de l’évasion dansante, signature de chacun de leur concert, parallèlement à la densité de leur première sortie et aux émotions diverses qu’elle procure, il est difficile de ne pas être conquis.

2nd place

100 Fables

Lyndsey, Harris, Erin and Chris together form the band 100 Fables.

The band from Glasgow, UK was founded in 2015. Mainly influenced by Blondie, Altered Image or The Killers to name a few, 100 Fables was "born from a shared love of the new wave movement and their passion for the 80's new wave and post punk electro soul".

The 2nd prize for 100 Fables consists of a bundle of Shure products worth 3.000€.



Lyndsey Liora, Harris Hiscoe, Erin Reidy, Chris Stewart


Led by the inimitable Lyndsey Liora, 100 Fables were born from a shared love of the new wave movement and their passion for the '80s new wave and post punk electro sound.

The four-piece effortlessly combine all of these influences into a powerful high-octane mix that follows in the steps of the acts that have inspired them, such as Blondie, Altered Images, Gerard Way, The Cars, Le Tigre and The Killers, but firmly sounds like nothing else but 100 Fables.

2016 has seen the young band go from strength to strength, with the release of their second single Metropolis and supports on the Sugarhill Gang's Scottish dates, a return to the Party At The Palace festival and packing out Glasgow's ABC2 at their own headline show.

Best of all, 100 Fables were crowned champions of Europe in the Hard Rock Cafe's global Hard Rock Rising competition, beating bands from cities across the entire continent.

Alongside bandmates Erin Reidy, Harris Hiscoe and Chris Stewart, Liora's vision for 100 Fables is one that is well on its way to being realised. It's only a matter of time before the world knows their name.

3rd place


Striving for a spiritually thrilling sound, influenced by several musical styles, Julien, Geoffrey, Angélique, Adrien and Antoine have made it among the top three out of more than 500 bands.

Shiivah will receive Shure gear worth 1.000€.



Julien MONETA (guitar),Geoffrey NICOLAS(Synth), Angélique NICOLAS(Voice), Adrien AGOSTINI(drum), Antoine BORGNIET(Bass)


Shiivah is the known Hindi god's name "Shiva". It was chosen to symbolize and pass on the contradictions, the different influences and messages. This name translates our band's music and state of mind: something spiritually thrilling, which is helping us to destroy and create music elements in different ways thanks to our diverse influences.

Shiivah is made of 5 different musical influences and 5 different fates which met by chance 2 years ago to live a common dream: create and play the music they love and share it with an audience. By mixing the musical styles, Shiivah is bringing something new on the current musical scenes and is able to enthrall an audience.

Shiivah is taking root in the current musical scenes, underscored by our singer's voice : Angy's, who made the difference in the famous french tv show "the voice" in 2016, when she perfectly demonstrated her jazzy talent.

The Shortlist

The Kondoors

R'n'B/Soul/Black, Blues, Folk/Country from London Borough of Camden


Rock, Alternative/Independent, Punk/Hardcore from Västerås


Pop, Rock from Wigan

The Niftys

Rock'n'Roll/Rockabilly from Albacete

Federation of the Disco Pimp

R'n'B/Soul/Black, Jazz, Funk from Glasgow


Ska/Reggae/Dancehall, World/Ethno from Freiburg im Breisgau

Bethlehem Casuals

Hip Hop/Rap, Ska/Reggae/Dancehall, World/Ethno from Manchester

Pulse & Soul

R'n'B/Soul/Black, House/Dance from Muscat


R'n'B/Soul/Black, Funk, Show from Минск


Pop, Rock, Alternative/Independent from Тюмень


Rock, Metal from Paris


Alternative/Independent from Москва

Brightlight City

Rock, Alternative/Independent, Punk/Hardcore from Epsom


Alternative/Independent from Йошкар-Ола

Marie Chain

R'n'B/Soul/Black from Berlin

The Atrium

Pop, Rock, Alternative/Independent from Duisburg

Single By Sunday

Pop, Rock from Glasgow


Rock, Blues, Funk from Ангарск