Ща да ида, майчинко (The Maid and the Mountain)



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Band Info:

Aegonia is not just a metal band. It is a whole fantasy world of wonder and mystery, of legends and tales. Besides the typical instruments for a metal band, we use violin, piano, kaval, bag-pipe and acoustic guitars to make our sound richer. Our music is influenced by doom, gothic and melodic death metal, and we often refer to it as “fantasy metal”. We started playing together in 2011. We have 14 songs and played at 12 shows, including small festivals, club gigs and acoustic events. Meanwhile we are recording our first album - “The Forgotten Song” - in our home studio. Almost all of our lyrics are in English. They tell a story, which we published as a fantasy novel a year ago.

Artist / Band Representative:

Elitsa Stoyanova

Shure Europe GmbH
Jakob-Dieffenbacher-Str. 12 | 75031 Eppingen
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