Feb 7th, 2015: So Much For So Much (Official Music Video)

Fingertrap released a new music video containing video footage of their trip to Montreux. The song is one of three they recorded with Chris Kimsey in London KORE Studios.

Jan 16th, 2015: Interview with Fingertrap

One year after winning the Shure Call for Legends Band Competition we asked Fingertrap to share their experiences and plans.

October 27th 2014: Until We Get There (Official Music Video)

Watch Fingertraps' latest Music Video!

October 5th, 2014: Fingertrap Recording Session - Vlog 5 / 5

Here's the fifth and final Vlog of the recording session in KORE Studios in London.

September 28th, 2014: Fingertrap Recording Session - Vlog 4 / 5

Here comes the fourth part of Fingertraps' Vlog documenting their recording session with Chris Kimsey!

September 21st, 2014: Fingertrap Recording Session - Vlog 3 / 5

Here's part three of the documentation of the recording in the KORE Studios in London!

September 14th, 2014: Fingertrap Recording Session - Vlog 2 / 5

Check out the second part of Fingertraps' documentation of the studio recording in London!

September 7th, 2014: Fingertrap Recording Session - Vlog 1 / 5

Check out Fingertraps' documentation of the exciting days in the KORE Studios in London with Chris Kimsey!

August 15th, 2014: Fingertrap @ Montreux - the full Story

Check out the full documentation of the legendary weekend that Fingertrap rocked the Music in the Park Stage at the Montreux Jazz Festival!

August 5th 2014: Jack in the Box released single "Harissa Girl"

Jack in the Box, who made second place in the competition, have released a single recently.

Listen to the self-produced oriental pop song made in France and recorded with all Shure microphones:

And there is even more to come: Jack in the Box will release the full album in November. So, stay tuned!

August 4th 2014: Penny Fishing (Official Music Video)

Fingertrap produced a new video!

Check out the official video to their Song "Penny Fishing" whith which they also rocked the Music in the Park Stage at the Montreux Jazz Festival!

July 21st, 2014: Fingertrap @Montreux Jazz Festival

Fingertrap rocked the Montreux Jazz Festival! 

Here's a trailer for our documentation of the weekend full of excitement, energy and rock'n roll spirit:

July 8th 2014: Montreux - A first recap

The guys from Fingertrap delivered an awesome performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival and rocked the Music in the Park stage!

Band and crowd braved the elements and transformed the gig into another magical moment as they only happen in Montreux.

Stay tuned for more information about the exciting weekend in Paris and Montreux.

Fingertrap live at the Montreux Jazz Festival

July 4th 2014: Mixed and Mastered

Fingertrap used the first part of their prize perfectly!

Check out the three tracks recorded during the time with Chris Kimsey at KORE Studios:

June 4th, 2014: Montreux Jazz Festival program published

The full program of the 48th Montreux Jazz Festival is now published:

Fingertrap will play on Sunday July 6th 20:30 at the Music in the Park stage and they are in good company - take a look at the full Festival Program.

Here are just a few more Highlights of this year's program:


May 5th 2014: Fingertrap Music Video

Watch the Music video of the winning track "Return if found"

Apr 1st 2014: Documentation of the Recording in London

Watch Fingertrap doing the magic of recording their distinctive sound at KORE Studios London with Chris Kimsey at the desk:


Mar 11th 2014: Fingertrap chilling @ KORE Studios

Fingertrap taking a break after having the first two tracks down:


Mar 10th 2014: Fingertrap in the Studio

 Fingertrap arrived at the KORE Studios. Let the recording begin:


Feb 26th 2014: Jack in the Box received their prizes

Our second place winners - Jack in the Box - also received their prizes and captured the moment on cam.

It's christmas again:


Feb 17th 2014: Fingertrap @ Shure UK

Today Fingertrap visited our UK office to check out the latest gear and learn more about our mics.


Feb 10th 2014: Fingertrap received their prizes

We provided Fingertrap with a camera so they can document their experiences in the course of the next months.

In their first video they captured the moment when they receive €3000 worth of Shure equipment, as part of their prize.


And the winners are…

Feb 3rd 2014: The Jury has decided!

After three long months of anticipation, and having received over 240 entries from 31 countries, we are proud to announce the winner: Fingertrap.

Fingertrap, a UK band who describe their sound as pop-rock with swing and ska elements, were the group whose track stood out for all three of the panelists. In 2012 Fingertrap were voted the second best student band in the UK, and it is easy to see why. They have continued to go from strength to strength.

The competition’s expert panel consisting of Chris Kimsey, producer/engineer for e. g. the Rolling Stones, Matieu Jaton, CEO of the Montreux Jazz Festival Foundation, and Antoine Erroll, Head of A&R at Universal Music Group NL, collectively decided on the top 3 bands.

Fingertrap will receive three days recording time with the aforementioned Chris Kimsey in renowned London studio KORE, a chance to perform a set at this year’s Montreux Jazz Festival plus Shure gear of their choice worth 3.000 Euros. Their wish list includes recently launched SM58 Wireless Vocal Systems as well as Beta Digital Wireless Pedal Guitar Systems.

Chris Kimsey commented: “There were some excellent entries within the top 20, and Fingertrap were most definitely in my top 3. Really looking forward to meeting the band and getting to work on the EP – congratulations to all the bands who made the top 20.”

Listen to Fingertrap’s much applauded entry.

In second place is the French band “Jack in the Box”, and in third place is “Pangea Squad” from Germany, both of whom receive a Shure voucher worth 1.000 Euros for their choice of Shure equipment.

Jan 28th 2014: second songs of the top20

We asked our Top20 for a second song.

Listen to our Playlist and enjoy the great Music they play!


Top 20s choice of Shure products

The most wanted: We asked all contestants to choose their Shure gear. Here is what most of our finalists have chosen.

Jan 20th 2014: Announcement of the Top20

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to enter our Call for Legends Competition.

We were overwhelmed by the number of entries and overall quality.

As you might imagine, it was quite a tough decision to figure out who’ll make it into our top 20 shortlist. That’s why we asked you, the community, for help with establishing one additional slot.

After much deliberation, here are the top 20 entries:

And in addition, the winner of the said community wild card is: Ataman

Our panel of experts is now working their way through the top 20.

Please stay tuned. We will soon announce the winners.

Jan 10th 2014: Top 20 wildcard

The entry phase is closed, and our panel of experts are working hard to select the very best talent for submission to the next round of Shure Call for Legends. We’re delighted with the response from bands all over Europe, and it has to be said - the standard is incredibly high! At this stage, selecting a clear winner is no easy task, and for this reason, we would like your help!

How you can help:

It’s time for your band to throw down the gauntlet and demonstrate just how much the fans love your song:

The band who receive the most Soundcloud ‘likes’ on their track before 1pm CET on Tuesday 14th Jan will automatically be entered into the top 20 shortlist!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time for your band to demonstrate their Legendary following - share your track and gather those likes for a chance to get your track in-front of our professional panel.

Click here to learn more about our professional panel

Jan 7th, 2014: Competition closed

The timeframe to reach 300 plays on Soundcloud is over and our panel of experts is working hard to select the top 20 finalists.



Dec 31st 2013: The entry phase has ended

More than 240 bands from over 30 countries successfully took part in the Shure “Call for Legends” band contest. All contestants now have time until Jan 6th to reach the necessary 300 plays on Soundcloud for their chance to make it to the top 20 shortlist.

Thanks to all contestants - may the best band win!


Dec 20th, 2013: Final call - the entry period has been extended until December 31st

Last chance for all unsigned bands to apply for the Shure “Call for Legends” band contest: The entry phase has been extended until the end of the year.



Oct 7th, 2013: Shure opens „Call for Legends“ band contest

As of today the Shure “Call for Legends” band contest is officially opened. Bands may enter the contest by uploading an original song, a short video biography and selecting the Shure products they aim to win. Good luck to all contestants - may the best band win!



Sep 11th, 2013: Shure Europe issues „Call for Legends“ band contest

Shure Europe has announced details of its 2013 unsigned bands contest, “Shure Call for Legends”. The winning band will obtain Shure equipment worth 3000 Euros, play a gig at next year's famous Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, and be given three days of free recording time at top London studio KORE with well-respected record producer/engineer Chris Kimsey behind the controls. Kimsey will also mix the results, creating an EP for the winners.

The competition is open to any band in Europe, given that they have no current recording or publishing deal. Between October 7 and December 27, entrants have to post one of their own tracks to the competition website, together with a short video biography. Tracks posted must be original compositions (cover versions will not be accepted). Once the competition has closed, Shure will whittle entrants down to a shortlist, from which the winning band will be chosen by a three-man panel of music experts:

  • The aforementioned Chris Kimsey, Producer/Engineer for the Rolling Stones, Peter Frampton, Duran Duran, Ash etc.
  • Matieu Jaton, CEO of the Montreux Jazz Festival Foundation in Switzerland
  • Antonie Erroll, Head of A&R at the Universal Music Group in the Netherlands

Two bands will also be chosen as runners-up; they will each receive Shure equipment worth 1000 Euros.


The jury has decided! Here are the winners of Shure „Call for Legends”
45 minute live gig at the Montreux Jazz Festival.
Record a 3 track EP at Kore Studios with Sound Engineer and Producer Chris Kimsey.

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